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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Anne McCaffrey's Dragonsdawn Part II

First off, I need to admit a mistake. Someone pointed out to me that the word 'titan' from the last chapter might actually be 'titian', which it turns out is in fact a real word meaning 'red' or 'auburn'. In my defense, though, it's still a damn stupid thing to call hair.

So, the second chapter was actually a bit better than the first one. By that, I mean that there was a significantly smaller amount of purple prose. There are also a few characters who found out are probably important enough that I should know their names, so here goes:

Something or Other Benden: Emily Boll Weevil's love interest
Kenjo Fusaiyuko: Okay, I'll admit I actually kinda like this guy. He's a pilot who is good at piloting largely because he's a paranoid bastard.

There was still a lot of nothing happening in this chapter. As far as I remember, there were exactly two significant events. First, Kenjo and his co-pilot Jiro landed the spaceships on Pern, all the colonists got off, and Boll Weevil and Benden gave a speech or something. Well, actually, that one was second. It was at the end of the chapter.
The actual first event was that McBitchypants has a shiny ruby that she inherited from her grandmother and she has some sort of sinister plot for which she is secretly recruiting other people on board the ship. I have no idea, I guess I'll probably figure it out later.

And the prize for stupidest line in this chapter? 
"Had he not pierced the protective gases of a hundred worlds in just the same way, slipping like a penknife under the flap of an envelope, like a man into the body of his beloved?"
.......Ew. Can you just pick one goddamn metaphor per sentence, McCaffrey? (Ooo, ooo, pick the first one! I didn't feel dirty typing that one out!)

There were only a few parts of this chapter that really annoyed me. I've been trying to work out why some parts are more painful to read than others. I think I've got it now.
Women. The parts that consistently make me start rolling my eyes and groaning are the ones with women in them. 
I don't know quite what it is about them that sets my teeth on edge, but there must be some sort of subtle difference in the way that she handles women versus men that I haven't picked up on yet. I'll be paying closer attention to the women in the story from now on to see if I can work it out.

Next chapter eventually. Valete.

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