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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Let's Watch: Soul Eater Episode III

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't quite worked out what to call this series. Episode 3 can be watched here.

As promised:

Too badass to hold guns correctly.

While Death the Kid isn't my favorite character, he's probably my favorite of the main group for reasons that I'll explain in a few minutes. 
So, blah blah, intro intro, skip, skip... We finally open on some B-list superhero jumping out of a house with a giant skull and crossed scythes on the front, bag of loot in tow. Did I mention that I freaking love this series?

Giant bolts of pink energy fly after the superhero-thing. We see a kid standing on a roof. He is holding his guns upside-down. Now, some of you might not realize exactly how weak your pinkies are. As a bass player, however, I'm able to say definitively that they are really goddamn weak. Trying to fire a gun with a pinkie would be horribly uncomfortable and probably less accurate than just holding it the right way to begin with. Plus, holding them upside-down looks kind of stupid. But whatever, Kid, it's your party.

Kid's guns turn into girls in midriff-bearing cowboy outfits. They strike some elaborate pose. The bad guy slumps in defeat. Then Kid yells at the smaller and derpier weapon for standing slightly off her mark. The bad guy escapes. See, Kid has some major OCD. He likes needs things to be symmetrical. And the best part? This doesn't just go away at critical moments. He's a huge, superpowered badass with a stupid weakness that actually impairs him at critical moments. A silly but effective flaw. This is one of the reasons that he's my favorite of the main cast. What's the other one, you ask? He's got a cool character design. Yeah, I never said I wasn't shallow. 

So, next kid yells at Patty (the young, cute and stupid one) and Liz (the boring one) for being different heights, having different hair styles, and having different-sized boobs. If it were any other character, I'd think they just wanted to cop a feel. Liz points out that his hair's asymmetrical, and he has a nice cry. They say nice things about him until he perks up and goes to see his father. (His father's Death, if the name wasn't enough of a hint for you.)

Kid badasses himself a holographic projection of Death, who derps around as per usual. We learn that Kid is a shinigami and doesn't have to muddy his boots collecting souls with the rest of the peasants, but he chooses to anyway because his OCD compels him to. He chooses a challenging mission because he's Death the Motherfuckin' Kid. 

The mission is in a temple in Egypt. I'm not sure why the kids go all around the world for missions; I always got the sense from this series that there were multiple Afreet-hunting centers, one per continent, and the DMWA, the one the characters are from, is in North America. But whatever. I could be wrong.

The temple is symmetrical. Kid flies in on his skateboard and drools. (You read that right.) Kid then leaves Liz and Patty behind in the mummy-infested temple because he thinks that he might have left the picture frame in his room slightly askew. Liz isn't happy, but Patty is too dumb to care. Liz and Patty then have an awesome fight scene, taking turns being guns. It makes me wonder what they even need a meister for. Being a weapon must kind of suck, really.

Meanwhile, the witch they went in to catch resurrects a pharaoh. It eats her. Back at his big frickin' house, Kid discovers that his picture was perfectly straight after all and starts to head back. Back in the temple, Liz is about to have a heart attack. She is scared of ghosts. She and Patty go down to the boss room pharaoh's chamber. Back at the DMWA again, Soul and Black Star go and talk to a teacher named Sid. 

When I saw Sid, I was all, "An attractive-looking black guy in an anime? What sorcery is this?" Don't get your hopes up, though. Next episode, he turns into a blue chipmunk zombie.

Anyway, Kid eventually finds Liz and Patty. They're tied up by the mummy. The mummy apparently remembered that he hadn't gotten laid in a few hundred years, because it looks like it's about to get all tentacle-rapey up in there. Kid is helpful for once and they get out. Then he realizes that the mummy is symmetrical, and he's unable to shoot it. He gets his ass kicked. I wonder why Liz doesn't just grab Patty and shoot the thing herself.

Then the mummy emerges from its sarcophagus. It's got a missing eye. Kid can shoot it now. He flips out and accidentally blows a hole in the temple. It isn't symmetrical anymore. Kid is sad panda.

That's pretty much it. This one was the best episode thus far. Kid was great, Liz and Patty were amusing. I already explained why Kid is awesome. This one also had some great fight scenes and the pace was much better than the previous two. It was a lot less exposition-heavy, and it was funnier as well.

Final Grade: 7/10

Now that we've met all the main cast, they finally get to meet each other next episode! (Well, the other four get to meet these three, anyway. They already know each other.)



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